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A delicious, new and exciting kind of chicken. Addicted yet?


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Bon Chon is amazing. I seem to have gotten everyone at work hooked. I ordered food for two days basically and did not expect them to get to me well before 4:30. Their timing is always on point, they're never late and very nice. The delivery man thanked me for the Tip and I am always happy to provide it when the service is there. And of course the food never disappoints! Bon Chon is worth the money spent. I'd rather have quality over quantity and they exceed in this every time.


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Their chicken wings are so tasty. It is crispy outside and tender inside just the way I like it. The spicy flavor is very spicy but it is delicious spicy. I definitely recommend this place if you like korean fried chicken.


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Best fried chicken place ever! The hot and spicy chicken drumsticks are fantastic. Always get the mac and cheese wedges.... I could eat a millions of them!


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Delivery guy came in the cold to deliver us chicken. Its really cold. Chicken was great. I hope that guy warmed up soon.


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First time I've ordered from there but heard good things both for delivery & in-restaurant service. High expectations met.

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I ordered the fried chicken wings and drum sticks with French fries. Chicken was crispy and delicious, and the fries were good too (not greasy). Fast delivery. Will definitely order again.


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Everything was delicious. Order was a little early which worked in my favor. Everything was piping hot. Pre-ordering let's me order when I have time, not after I'm already hungry.


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I remember the Bull Dak being sweat-your-head-off spicy, which, unfortunately, it was not this time, but my full order arrived ahead of schedule and tasted great.


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they sent me a plastic cup with orange soda in it and 8 pieces of tape holding the lid to the cup
and I just felt like that was my life


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One of my favorite places in the area. Food is always delicious and the portions are excellent.

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Walk down any neighborhood in Korea and youll find a mom-and-pop fried chicken joint on almost every block. With years of hands-on experience with Korean cuisine, founder Jinduk Seh, decided to focus on perfecting a recipe for fried chicken, and share one of his countrys favorite comfort foods with the world. The result was Bonchon, Korean word for "my hometown. "With Its first location in Leonia and spreading to other areas in New Jersey, Bonchon finally hit the famous New York City in 27. By then, it was clear that Bonchon was a natural growing success. A delicious, new and exciting kind of chicken America had not yet experienced was born! Today There Are 3 existing stores operating in the United States and 7 more overseas in Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. We hope that the comfort of Bonchon reaches you wherever you are in the world.